Ezra Cohen


Highly versatile creative producer based in Dallas, TX.

With experience as a feature film producer, composer, commercial director, cinematographer, and event coordinator, Ezra brings a wealth of hands on ability as well as big picture marketing perspective to accompany. 



I feel that there are  2 primary elements that should be interweaved together throughout the film:

(1) Interview with Brad Lande - Laying out problem, solution, and call to action
+Problem with Modern Day Workplace
+Solution LITG Provides
+Call to Action - LiveInTheGrey.com

**Reference: "Designing the Perfect Mattress" by Casper

(2) Visual narrative of employee at work (supporting Brad's auditory narrative)

+Following one or more employees through staged scenarios at work
(Before + During + After experiencing The Grey Toolkit)



To be conveyed conversationally through interview with CEO Brad Lande. Below is not a "script" - really more of paraphrased outline to get us started talking about the messaging of this video.
The goal would be to then reverse-engineer questions that allow for this messaging to be delivered in a more conversational tone.


"We have this major problem that is finding its way into the workplace over the past decade. Recent studies actually show that 75% of companies are struggling to attract and recruit talent. And of that talent recruited, a staggering 91% of millenials say they only expect to stay at a job for 1 - 3 years. 

But the real problem lying underneath these statistics is the fact that the model of 'living to work' instead of 'working to live' is an outdated and fading idea - a concept that has never really allowed employees to live a well-rounded and fulfilled life. 

It's pretty clear that for both the individuals in the workplace and the companies who are employing them, something has to change.  

The thing that we believe is that life was not supposed to be separated into work or play - Black or white. Individuals AND companies thrive when people Live In The Grey. When companies are able to help their employees see their career and their life blend together, its creates the absolute best outcome on both sides. It doesn't hurt efficiency. Quite the opposite in fact. When employees and companies begin to develop this mutual relationship, things get better. 

5 years ago, we set out to start designing tools that would help companies create and maintain a culture in which  this type of this balance can exist. 
Our proprietary 10 minute Grey Assessment gives companies their culture heartbeat. Learn how connected, productive and fulfilled your employees feel in the workplace, and walk away with a real understanding of your talent magnets and talent repellers, key insights that help you get and keep the best talent. Based on your current culture strengths and weaknesses, we offer customized tools to help you take action in areas like talent branding, relationship building, productivity & employee fulfillment.

The results we've seen have been absolutely life changing for both employees and employers, and our goal is to see companies everywhere begin to learn how to foster this type of relationship and begin to live In the grey.

(Text on Screen): For more information and to sign your team up today , visit liveinthegrey.com.