Ezra Cohen

Highly versatile creative producer based in Dallas, TX.

With experience as a feature film producer, composer, commercial director, cinematographer, and event coordinator, Ezra brings a wealth of hands on ability as well as big picture marketing perspective to accompany. 

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+ 6 videos
+ 40 minutes total mini-masterclass

+ Easily add your own textures, colors, etc.
+ Quickly combine elements with blending modes
+ For Premiere, Final Cut, AE, Davinci, and more!

+ Choose HD or 4K
+ 30fps for smooth live playback

+ Use with VJ software like Pro Presenter, Ableton, Resolume, etc

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A minimal elements TOOLKIT

I’ve been working as a professional tour visuals designer for over 3 years now - with incredible opportunities to create visuals used by artists including Anderson Paak, Hillsong United, Y&F, Cody Carnes, Kari Jobe, Toby Mac, and more.

And over time, I’ve noticed a pattern in my work. For every show I’ve designed, textures, colors, and combinations of elements change. But many of the “building blocks” remain the same.

When I first started out, I scoured the internet searching for minimalistic elements like these that I could customize and make my own. And every time I came up dry. So I decided to prepare myself my very own “toolkit” that would make me ready for any scenario that could come my way. And now I’m sharing it with you.



Featuring 60+ looping monochromatic elements, this pack helps form the basic building blocks for dynamic visuals. With nothing more than a simple glow already applied, they offer the flexibility to quickly and easily customize colors, textures, and more… all without ever having to open After Effects!

With visuals like star fields, borders, geometric shapes, tunnels, gradients, 3D grids, and more - all set up as seamless loops - you can use them on their own or combine layers for more complex looks.

And created at 30fps, they are ready for perfectly smooth playback on any LED or projection rig ready for Pro Presenter, Ableton, Resolume Arena, and other VJ software.

Combine with footage to quickly add interest to your edits with unique eye-catching elements!

Combine with footage to quickly add interest to your edits with unique eye-catching elements!



-To change colors, simply add a “tint” effect and choose whatever color fits your project’s needs!

-To combine elements, simply layer in your timeline and change the blending modes for the desired effect. Blending modes used in this promo video were my go-to choices - Difference, Lighten, and Multiply.

-To add texture, simply add your favorite effects. Some of my favorite built in plugins include turbulent displace, strobe, wave warp, mosaic, and mirror… I also love adding third party plugins like RGB separation or TV pixel for even more texture.





Thank you for visiting my store! 

I’ve developed these products because I’m passionate about them and loving how they’re becoming useful in my own film projects - both personal and commercial.

I hope that these products not only give you some fun tools you need to take your projects to the next level, but also inspire you to get your hands dirty and see what amazing things you can create when you dive into the beautiful world of experimenting with textures in your films. 

Happy editing everyone! 



Ezra Cohen is a filmmaker and creative director specializing in creating unique visual environments in films, commercials, and live concert environments.
He has created unique visual textures and experiences for commercial brands like Musicbed, Express, and Sony as well as music artists including Hillsong Young & Free, Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes, Toby Mac, and Hillsong United. 

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