Ezra Cohen

Highly versatile creative producer based in Dallas, TX.

With experience as a feature film producer, composer, commercial director, cinematographer, and event coordinator, Ezra brings a wealth of hands on ability as well as big picture marketing perspective to accompany. 


After an absolutely amazing year working full time as the producer and manager of the film team at Musicbed and another amazing couple years working as a full time filmmaker at Gateway Church... I am going back to my roots to work as a freelance film producer (officially starting March 1!)

Today, I am launching my new reel and my new film production portfolio, but there's something even bigger and more exciting behind this decision. 

I said it a couple weeks ago, but it's true that my whole life I've always felt torn between 2 passions: Film. AND. Music.
Until now, I have always placed one of those passions on a back burner while the other one has thrived (and vice versa). 

But in this little window in time, we both have this undeniable feeling in our gut that it's time to pursue the life we've always dreamed of: a life fully pursuing all of our passions simultaneously. So here it is! We're stepping out to run towards a goal there isn't really a set playbook for. But we've never felt more excited or alive.

In the next few months, expect to see a ton more on the film side (including a feature length documentary I produced last year) as well as some big new steps towards my dream of being a film composer. PLUS, there's way more coming from both of us and our music project COHEN! We have plans for new songs, music videos, short films, and even a full length album soon enough! 

Don't neglect the "and." Don't bury your talents. Run full speed after that thing in your gut that you know you're supposed to do. No more excuses.

This is already shaping up to be the most incredible year of our lives and of our relationship, and we couldn't be more stoked to see what the next steps bring! 


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Thank you for visiting my visuals store! 

Working as a freelance filmmaker filmmaker, I wanted to create visual texture that were high quality, unique, and saved me time in my own projects. (To learn more about me and my work, click here!)

I began sharing them with fellow editors and creators in 2018, and since then they’ve helped hundreds of filmmakers around the world on projects for Sony, Nike, The Chainsmokers, Jonas Brothers, Billie, Eilish, Hillsong United, Kari Jobe, and more!

I believe that achieving incredible cinematic textures in your videos shouldn’t be difficult, so I’ve made it easier than ever to get incredible results in your projects!

Happy editing everyone!