Ezra Cohen

Highly versatile creative producer based in Dallas, TX.

With experience as a feature film producer, composer, commercial director, cinematographer, and event coordinator, Ezra brings a wealth of hands on ability as well as big picture marketing perspective to accompany. 

Not your typical letterbox overlays!
Featuring both clean and “dirty”options of letterbox borders - offering unique texture created from real film scans.

Offered in 4x3 / 16x9 / 2.35x1 aspect ratios and comes with both HD and 4K files to make for easy drag-and-drop into any project.

The borders are offered in 2 varieties -
Option A in each aspect ratio is a little less curvy while Option B is a little bit more.

All aspect ratios also includes a “Dirtier” option B for even more grit and texture.

Including Bonus HD vertical options to help add texture to social edits!


+ 4x3 / 16x9 / 2.35x1 aspect ratios
+ Clean / Dirty / Dirtier options
+ Includes both HD and 4K files
+ Bonus vertical files
+ Organized by resolution / aspect ratio for quick drag-and-drop into any project
+ Works in Premiere, Final Cut, After Effects, Photoshop and more!

1. Pick your frame size (HD or 4K)
2. Choose aspect ratio and texture
3. Place above your footage, and set blending mode to “Multiply”

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Thank you for visiting my visuals store! 

Working as a freelance filmmaker filmmaker, I wanted to create visual texture that were high quality, unique, and saved me time in my own projects. (To learn more about me and my work, click here!)

I began sharing them with fellow editors and creators in 2018, and since then they’ve helped hundreds of filmmakers around the world on projects for Sony, Nike, The Chainsmokers, Jonas Brothers, Billie, Eilish, Hillsong United, Kari Jobe, and more!

I believe that achieving incredible cinematic textures in your videos shouldn’t be difficult, so I’ve made it easier than ever to get incredible results in your projects!

Happy editing everyone!