Ezra Cohen

Highly versatile creative producer based in Dallas, TX.

With experience as a feature film producer, composer, commercial director, cinematographer, and event coordinator, Ezra brings a wealth of hands on ability as well as big picture marketing perspective to accompany. 

- Compatible with Premiere, Final Cut, Davinci, and more
- 10 essential primary grade LUTs created for Rec709 color space - giving you more subtle control


My goal for this pack was simple - create 10 LUTs that are actually usable.

The thing is… SUBTLETY IS EVERYTHING when it comes to color grading. It’s about accentuating the detail in your shots without getting in the way of the big picture of the story you’re trying to tell.

If you’re like me, chances are you’ve downloaded with your fair of LUTs only to find that they are… well… ridiculous and unusable (or if so only at 20% intensity).

And a lot of them are created for LOG footage meaning that they force you to bypass the “primary grade” step which is CRITICAL to coloring accurately to your camera’s needs.

I wanted to go about this a different way.

Used in conjunction with already corrected footage (conversion LUTs available for free from your camera’s website), these new Essential LUTs give you the power of subtle changes in color grading.

This process allows you to shift the mood and tone of your footage without sacrificing the true color science your camera was designed to function within.

You get powerful and easy to use grading tools - delivering incredible results no matter what camera you use.


01. Captain Crunch
A subtle punch with airy light blue undertones.

02. Teenage Dream
Warm and saturated

03. Old Town Road
A light and airy teal/orange look.

04. Children of Men
A rich punchy teal/orange look inspired by the film.

05. Cherry Limeade
A reverse teal/orange with warm shadows and subtle green highlights.
Inspired by #fujiframez

06. Electric Slide
Another reverse teal/orange look with warmer shadows and florescent green highlights.

07. Ice Ice Baby
Crack open a cold one.

08. Midnight
Bolder, richer, bluer.

09. MonoVsStereo
Far more than just desaturation. For when nothing beats black and white.
(Looks incredible with 16mm Film Grain)

10. Rainbow Road
Balanced warmth with bold saturation and punchy reds.
A favorite dialed in around 70%.

To use, first apply a primary grade (or color correction) to your footage.
I recommend utilizing the conversion LUTS provided by your camera’s manufacturer - found on most drivers / download pages. Here are shortcuts:

Sony users: SLOG to Rec709
Panasonic users: VLOG to Rec709
Canon users: CLOG to Rec709

Once your footage is properly corrected, load in the Essential LUTs and choose your favorite.

Happy editing everyone! :)

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I’ve developed these products because I’m passionate about them and loving how they’re becoming useful in my own film projects - both personal and commercial.

I hope that these products not only give you some fun tools you need to take your projects to the next level, but also inspire you to get your hands dirty and see what amazing things you can create when you dive into the beautiful world of experimenting with textures in your films. 

Happy editing everyone! 



Ezra Cohen is a filmmaker and creative director specializing in creating unique visual environments in films, commercials, and live concert environments.
He has created unique visual textures and experiences for commercial brands like Musicbed, Express, and Sony as well as music artists including Hillsong Young & Free, Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes, Toby Mac, and Hillsong United.