+ Premiere Pro CC template featuring 50+ repetition sequences
for text, shapes, and footage layers!

+ Easy to Use - Enter your text / footage and see it instantly multiply

+ Create unique motion design elements
without ever opening After Effects
+ Fully customizable - use any font or color
+ 3840 x 2160 4K UHD resolution
+ Easily resize for HD
+ Vertical sequences included

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Introducing REPEATER - the first ever 4K customizable layer repetition template for Premiere Pro CC!

I love the concept of repetition as a way to add scale and energy to a video. I also love implementing text and typography elements into my work as a simple way to add unique moments of design-based texture - in films, commercials, or tour visuals.

But it can take hours to tediously duplicate layers and work out the math to create perfectly spaced patterns like the ones seen here. And I found myself wasting time (money) creating looks like this from scratch over and over.

So I decided to create a template that would give me the building blocks for countless combinations in any new project with just a few clicks. And now I’m sharing it with you!


Delivered as a Premiere Pro project file, REPEATER is a powerful tool - giving you the freedom to experiment for yourself and create your own incredible textures and loops for motion work and added character in your videos!

The project includes 50+ sequences all leading back to a single nested sequence allowing you to quickly change phrases, shapes, or colors and immediately see the results in action.

Save yourself the painstaking work of creating sequences like this! I’ve spent countless hours creating unique patterns so you never have to ever again.

Just type your text in the legacy text creator (choose any font), size and auto-align (or drag your clips into the footage sequence), and BOOM!

Combine with your favorite effects, and see magic unfold before your eyes!

For more info and to see it all in action, watch the tutorial and gallery videos below!




- Ascend Multi (Fade)
- Ascend Single (Fade)
- Ascend Single (Cut)
- Center In Multi (Fade)
- Center Out Multi (Fade)
- Descend Multi (Fade)
- Descend Single (Cut)
- Descend Single (Fade)
- Random (Cut)
- Random (Fade)
- Static

- Vertical Chase
- Vertical Grid Minus Random
- Vertical Random 1
- Vertical Wave

- Footage + Text 1
- Footage + Text 2

- 9 Grid - Staggered Timing
- 9 Grid - Uniform Timing
- 11 Grid - Staggered Timing
- 11 Grid - Uniform Timing
- 25 Grid - Staggered Timing
- 25 Grid - Uniform Timing
- Vertical 1.1
- Vertical 1.2
- Vertical 2
- Vertical 3

- Combo Center In
- Combo Center Out 1
- Combo Center Out 2
- Combo Chase 1
- Combo Chase 2
- Combo Chase 3
- Combo Chase Loop
- Combo Chase Single
- Combo Full Minus Random 1
- Combo Full Minus Random 2
- Combo Full Distorted
- Combo Full Minus Stack
- Combo Full Minus Waterfall
- Combo Full Plus Wave
- Combo Random 1
- Combo Random 2
- Combo Random 3
- Combo Random 4
- Combo Random 5
- Combo Random 6
- Combo Random 7
- Combo Scroll 1
- Combo Scroll 2
- Combo Waterfall 1
- Combo Waterfall 2
- Combo Wave 1
- Combo Wave 2
- Grid Static
- Grid Static 2


Happy editing!


Tour visuals created for Toby Mac’s “Hits Deep” tour 2019.

Tour visuals created for Toby Mac’s “Hits Deep” tour 2019.

walkthrough & tutorial



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I’ve developed these products because I’m passionate about them and loving how they’re becoming useful in my own film projects - both personal and commercial.

I hope that these products not only give you some fun tools you need to take your projects to the next level, but also inspire you to get your hands dirty and see what amazing things you can create when you dive into the beautiful world of experimenting with textures in your films. 

Happy editing everyone! 



Ezra Cohen is a filmmaker and creative director specializing in creating unique visual environments in films, commercials, and live concert environments.
He has created unique visual textures and experiences for commercial brands like Musicbed, Express, and Sony as well as music artists including Hillsong Young & Free, Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes, Toby Mac, and Hillsong United. 

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